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Are We Serious About Taking Our Program to the Next Level?

  • Or will we continue to make the same mistakes that other second tier programs continue to make season after season? The reality is that the odds of finding a coach that has the ability to transform a program such as ours into one that contends for conference championships is pretty remote if we continue to try to find that "up-and-comer" or the next "hot name in coaching" that is successful at a lesser school against lesser competition.

    This is an arms race, pure and simple. Our alumni DESERVES a coach that establish a culture that demands excellence and accountability. A coach that none of us has to hope he can become the coach that we so desperately need.

    We are getting left behind and that is unacceptable. It's not as if the PAC12 is a division that is top-to-bottom full of powerhouses. We are not that far away from being competitive. If we could simply be competitive next year we could contend for the PAC12 championship.

    Our program is at a crossroads right now. We can either go through another rebuilding process and pin our hopes on yet another savior that doesn't have a resume' that back that up, only the potential to be something he currently is nor.

    Or we can hire a wolf. An alpha male. Someone who has done, and done it well and competed for championships in BCS conferences, not in the Conference USA or the WAC, etc.

    This is big time college football. You either hire the wolf and eat or you don't and continue to get eaten.

    I like some of the names being talked about, I really do. The problem is they all are the same coaches. The same as the ones that have come to Boulder and failed and will continue to fail. We will just continue to fall further and further behind.

    Gus Malzahn is a guy who SIX YEARS ago was coaching HIGH SCHOOL. He is currently finishing up his FIRST year as a head coach at this level at a non-BCS conference school (sound familiar?). Is he a great OC? absolutely. Is he going to be a successful HC that can take us to the next level? Who knows - there is nothing on his resume' that shows that he will (sound familiar). The reality is he won a BCSCG with perhaps the greatest offensive player in the history of CFB but its
    what he did before and after that (8-5 and 8-5) with a lot of talent that gives me pause.

    Not to mention he is one of the main reasons that Auburn has become a dumpster fire as it imploded with discipline problems. He even accepted the transfer of the guy (Michael Dyer) who loaned his teammates the gun to go an commit an armed robbery!

    Not to mention he has a wife he can't control that is apparently nuts:

    http://deadspin.com/5868492/ heres-the-bizarre-kristi- malzahn-interview-somebodys- trying-to-sweep-off-the- internet

    We need someone who has a track record of success at THIS LEVEL. Someone who knows how to establish a culture of winning and a commitment to excellence every day at every level of the athletic department. Someone who will accept nothing less than perfection and that same commitment from his players, coaching staff...all the way down to the S&C coach.

    I could go on about just about all the candidates about why they are not the wolf that this program needs except one:


    This is a guy who is a PROVEN winner at the BSC level -

     4 programs, all levels of coaching
     13 bowl games over a 16 year period
     13 "Coach of the Year" Awards
     BCS National Championship win with Oklahoma in 2000
     BCS w/ Kansas (Orange Bowl win).

    He's also a guy has a track record of quickly turning around programs -

     Youngstown State University (under Jim Tressel)
     Kansas State University (under Bill Snyder)
     University of Oklahoma (under Bob Stoops)
     University of Kansas (as head coach)

    With the ability to not just recruit players but DEVELOP them as players for the next level -

     Coached Heisman Trophy winner Jason White while at Oklahoma
     Coached Heisman Trophy 2nd runner-up Josh Heupel at Oklahoma
     Coached Heisman Trophy runner-up Michael Bishop at Kansas State
     Coached Outland Trophy winner Jamal Brown at Oklahoma
     Coached 32 players who played in the NFL
     Seventy-three Kansas players were on All-Big 12 postseason teams
     Two of Mangino's recruits became "Big 12 Offensive Newcomer of the Year"
     Over 20 of his former players are now coaching

    I'm not even going to spend the time list all the award that this guy has won but I will say this, if he was an Army General he'd have a chest full of ribbons that would impress Patton.

    I know people keep harping on the discipline stuff at Kansas but to be honest WE NEED DISCIPLINE and looking back its pretty clear that this was BS just like all the stuff with Mike Leach.

    The facts are the AD who pushed this resigned in disgrace and his record speaks for itself -

    ? Reined in sloppy Kansas Program
    ? "Character First" Program at Kansas / No major off the field incidents in 8 years
    ? Broke records for football team GPA at Kansas
    ? 45 Kansas players were named to Academic All-Big 12 Team
    ? 2 Academic All-America Honors
    ? KU football player class attendance was at an all-time high
    ? Implemented advanced cardio screenings for all incoming players
    ? Implemented a "concussion protocol" before it was mandated by the NCAA

    I think it's time we ask ourselves if we want to take our program to the next level. If the answer is yes then we need to finally stop trying to find the coach who we HOPE will become that coach and hire the coach that already is that coach and has the track record that backs it up.

  • Nice write up. Some of it hyperbole but still...no thanks. His style caused him to lose control of the team and is what led to his dismissal. He does deserve to be on someone's staff though. I can say that his KU teams were will prepared...even when they lost bad. He would need a good OC and DC to help if he were to become a HC...here or anywhere.

  • Our basketball coach is from Northern Colorado University. He has done alright! You don't want open end requirements or too restrictive requirements when you do a search.

  • My interest would depend on Mangino's attitude. Is he somewhat contrite, and does he recognize that he needs to do things better as a leader.