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Introducing the 247 Composite Rankings

  • We are extremely proud to release the 247Composite.

    The 247Composite Rating is a proprietary algorithm that compiles prospect "rankings" and "ratings" listed in the public domain by the major media recruiting services. It converts average industry ranks and ratings into a linear composite index capping at 1.0000, which indicates a consensus No. 1 prospect across all services.

    The 247Composite Rating is the industry's most comprehensive and unbiased prospect ranking and will be included on the networks player profiles, team commit page, 247Composite ranking and will also be the exclusive data used to generate the 247Sports Team Recruiting Rankings.

    Other details include:

    -- All major media services share an equal percentage in the 247Composite Rating.

    -- The composite index equally weights this percentage among the services that participate in a ranking for that specific prospect.

    -- A composite strength meter, indicated by red bars, illustrates the total number of industry services that have ranked the prospect. A full strength meter indicates the prospect has been ranked by all industry services participating in the composite.

    -- All industry services have a different philosophy on number of "stars" distributed with each class. The 247Composite Rating assigns stars based on an approximate average distribution of stars from the industry.

    -- 247Sports has invested significant resources in building out the best national scouting and rankings team. This will continue to be a high priority for our company and the 247Composite is only meant to strengthen our position as the rankings source and gives college and recruiting fans another resource to evaluate prospects and compare against our rankings/ratings and other rankings/ratings in the industry.

    -- We will continue to have 247Sports rankings/ratings for all prospects, but will only use the 247Composite rankings/ratings for the Team Recruiting Ranking. We feel that this gives us the best opportunity to provide the industry with the most comprehensive and unbiased product and will be our best chance of being sourced by the media and becoming the defacto index for the Team Recruiting Championship.

    -- Please see the various screenshots.

    Examples of sourcing:

    1. Vanderdoes is the No. 23 player in the country, the No. 4 defensive tackle and No. 2 prospect in California according to the 247Composite, which takes into account a player's ranking from the four major recruiting sites.

    2. Vanderdoes, who is the nation's 23rd-ranked player according to the 247Composite, is a consensus top-four player in California.

    3. Vanderdoes is the top target left on the board for the Tide. Nationally, Vanderdoes is the No. 23 overall prospect according to the 247Composite - an index of national recruiting rankings.

    4. Noah Stanley is the No. 42 prospect in the nation according to the 247Composite, but that would be much higher if not for his No. 121 overall rating from

    5. The 247Composite lists Terry as a four-star prospect and No. 39 in the country. However, 247Sports likes him much better than other recruiting sites. We have him ranked a five-star quarterback and the No. 5 prospect in the nation - which brings up his composite ranking quite a bit.

    6. When looking at the 247Composite, Kameron Miles is considered the top commitment in the Vols' class. However, Vonn Bell is a five-star prospect and No. 9 in the country according to 247Sports.

  • Here is how our top-ranked recruit, Liufau, looks in the composite rankings.

  • Not sure I've looked at this enough, perhaps I missed something you said, but will there be a composite overall team ranking?

  • Excellent news, Az. An outstanding feature and now we will really see tom luginbill for the closet homer that he is.